Looking for a Reliable Cheap AC Unit?

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cheap ac unit

Looking for a Reliable Cheap AC Unit?


When it comes to purchasing a new ac unit, the cost can be a hurdle for some of us. But, be encouraged! I am going to share some good news with you that you might not have known before. There are cheap ac unit options out there for those of us looking for the most economical deal!

Now, just to be clear, in this post I’m not referring to a window ac unit or an indoor portable air conditioner. I will tackle that in another post, but those are definitely options for those who want to go that route. In this post I’m mainly focusing on conventional ac units that would normally be located outside of your home or business (as pictured above).

Let’s get going!

A Cheap AC Unit is Not a Bad Thing

First of all, I want to point out that a cheap ac unit is not a negative thing. Usually when we use the word “cheap” when referring to a product or appliance, we are referring to the quality of the product and it’s parts. In this post “cheap” is simply referring to the price tag. You could actually just refer to these ac units as value-focused, inexpensive air conditioners.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s get into some information that is important to know.cheap ac unit

Expensive vs Inexpensive Air Conditioners

What makes an air conditioner more expensive than other options? Obviously, there are factors that are going to dictate the price of an ac unit. These factors would include the size of the ac unit and the efficiency of the unit as well. That’s a given. Another factor, which I really want to point out, is the brand name. Yep, the brand name!

When it comes to the cost of ac units, the brand name can heavily impact the cost. While the quality you get for these higher priced brands is great, the quality of some of the lower priced brands is just as good. Actually, many of the cheaper brand names you find are made by the bigger and more expensive brand names!

So, when looking for the best cheap ac unit option, it’s probably not going to be a Trane or Carrier unit. Instead, it’s wiser to go with a brand that offers value with what you are purchasing.

Well then, what are some of the better inexpensive air conditioners?

I’m glad you asked!

The Best Cheap AC Unit Options

When it comes to quality cheap ac units, the two brands that we recommend are Bryant and Goodman.

cheap ac units

These brands are inexpensive and very good in quality and reliability as well. In most cases, these brands offer units that are at least half the cost of the bigger brand names out there, while not lacking the quality, features or reliability. I’ll actually let you in on a little secret: Carrier makes Bryant. That means that the same quality parts that a Carrier unit has are the same parts that are in the Bryant units!

For example, we can deliver and install a 2 ton Bryant ac unit with an evaporator coil for around $3700. We can install a 2 ton Bryant package unit (includes an ac and a furnace) for around $4400. Remember, this includes labor and everything. Goodman units are even cheaper in comparison. That’s pretty cheap!

If you are looking for a reliable yet cheap ac unit, give us a call today at 731-300-1030. We can give you a free estimate for your home and/or business. We serve Jackson TN and the surrounding areas.

At Cagle Service, your satisfaction is our goal

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