Fall Preventative Maintenance for Your HVAC Unit

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fall preventative maintenance

Fall Preventative Maintenance for Your HVAC Unit


West Tennessee is starting to experience cooler mornings. With Fall peaking from around the corner, it will soon be time to turn the thermostat from cool to heat. There are things that you as the homeowner can do around your home to make sure things run smooth, but you also need an experienced HVAC technician to regularly maintain your unit through the seasons as well. Cagle Service offers a Preventative Maintenance Program to keep your unit running at it’s best through all seasons.

As the homeowner, there are some things you can do around your home to help the life of your HVAC unit:

1) Filters: Homeowners are recommended to change the air filters in their home once a month, especially in high pollen areas. Not only does that help air flow but also keeps allergens and dust from getting into the air system. (Read more on the importance of changing your air filters)

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2) Routine Cleaning/Dusting: With the cooler temps coming in, some people are tempted to raise the windows to let fresh air in and give the HVAC unit a break. Dust, mold, allergens, etc. can get inside and settle within the home. Without cleaning and dusting, all of the allergens, dust, and other particles will circulate inside, lowering the quality of air.

3) Outside Clean Up:  With Fall comes the changing of the leaves and eventually the leaves falling to the ground. Walk around the unit and make sure it is clear of all leaves, trash, or debris. This will make sure that the unit is getting proper air flow.

4) Thermostat: The Fall temperature tends to fluctuate up and down depending on the time of day. If you have a programmable thermostat, find a schedule that meets your comfort level and set it. If you have a regular thermostat, set the temperature to your level of comfort and leave it. Fluctuating the temperature on the thermostat will increase your utility bill.

5) Schedule a HVAC Tech: After you have done the above, anything left to clean or check would have to be done by a licensed technician.

Cagle Service’s fall Preventative Maintenance Program would include cleaning the parts of the unit (outside coils, burner, heat exchanger, and anything else deemed necessary). The service techs will inspect the HVAC unit to make sure it is operating properly and to check for rust spots, leaks, and anything else that might hinder the unit from operating at its peak performance.

We at Cagle Service strive to meet all of your HVAC needs. Call us today (731-300-1030) and let us make sure you are ready for this cooler weather.

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