Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air?

Have you ever been in your home or business and noticed that your furnace was not putting out heat, but was actually blowing cold air? Yeah, that’s not an exciting discovery. While it doesn’t get the coldest here around Jackson, TN, it gets cold enough! And a furnace not blowing hot air doesn’t help.

In order to help you prevent this issue and take the right actions if you do experience it, we’re going to share some helpful information with you.

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furnace not blowing hot air

Check Your Furnace’s Thermostat

The first thing you want to do is to check your thermostat. There are a couple of issues that could be related to your thermostat.

1) The thermostat could be set to “ON” which will cause air to blow constantly from your furnace. The fix? Set the thermostat to “AUTO” and your furnace will only run and blow heat when it’s prompted to in order to keep the temperature at the desired level.

2) This isn’t as likely but it is still a possibility: If you’ve installed a new thermostat recently make sure that it is compatible with your furnace. If it isn’t compatible it won’t operate correctly. You can also check to see if your batteries are low on your thermostat. This can cause issues as well.

Check Your Furnace’s Pilot Light

If your thermostat checks out good and you are still having problems with your furnace not blowing hot air, check the pilot light. It’s possible that the pilot light has simply gone out. If the pilot light is out:

1) Try reigniting the pilot light (if you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, please call a HVAC technician).

2) If you aren’t able to reignite the pilot light, check to make sure that the gas is flowing to the pilot light. Ensure that the gas line valve is open (valve handle is in line/parallel with the gas line) and try lighting the pilot light again. It’s also possible that your valve is malfunctioning or is dirty/clogged.

3) If you are able to reignite the pilot light temporarily only to have it extinguish again, then it’s likely that the thermocouple is the problem. The thermocouple is a copper piece that controls the ignition of the pilot light. If this is the case, then it’d be wise to contact your local HVAC technician to have them come out and properly fix the problem.

Check Your Furnace’s Air Filter

One of the most neglected parts of a furnace or air conditioning system is the air filter. The air filter is crucial to keeping your furnace operating properly and efficiently. If your air filter is extremely dirty or clogged it can cause the furnace to overheat because air flow is being restricted, which is needed to cool the furnace.

Thankfully this is an easy fix. Simply change the air filter or call your local HVAC technicians and have them change the filter for you. They can also check the rest of the system to make sure there isn’t any need of furnace repairs due to damage caused by overheating.

NOTE: The air filter should be changed regularly. Most HVAC service companies provide furnace maintenance for their customers on a regular basis. This would include changing the air filter, cleaning the unit and inspecting the unit to ensure that it is operating at its peak ability.

furnace not blowing hot air

Have Questions or Need Further Assistance?

We hope that this has helped you concerning your furnace not blowing hot air. There are other less common issues that can be the culprit such as an electrical issue (newer furnaces), leaking ducts, and the list goes on.

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