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HVAC Brands – Which to Choose?

With all of the different HVAC brands out there, how do you know which one to choose? When you are looking for a new heating and air conditioning system, which brand should you go with?

These are common questions that homeowners and business owners ponder when it comes time to find a replacement unit for their heating and/or air conditioning system. You’ve probably heard of the bigger names out there such as Trane, Carrier, Lennox and York. But, there are other brands out there such as Bryant, Goodman, Rheem, American Standard, Coleman and many others that are not normally in the conversation concerning the top HVAC brands.

So, what are the differences between all of these HVAC brands? Actually, not a whole lot…

HVAC Brands Comparison

Believe it or not, many of the HVAC brands out there are made by the same parent company. Below I’ve listed most of the bigger brand names and their fellow “child” brands.

–  CarrierBryant, Payne, and Day & Night

–  TraneAmerican Standard

–  LennoxArmstrong and Concord

–  GoodmanAmana (Daikin actually owns Goodman now)

–  YorkLuxaire and Coleman

–  RheemRuud

There are a few other brands out there, but for the sake of time I’ll stop here. These are probably the most well-known brands in the HVAC world. As you can see, there are quite a few connections with many of the different HVAC brands out there. From here, these  “parent” brands are actually owned by larger organizations that own all of the brands within each column above. For example, one organization owns Carrier, Bryant, Payne and Day & Night. Another organization owns Trane and American Standard, and so on.

So, What’s the Difference?

If a parent company or brand has other brands under the same organization, then was is the difference between them? This is what is very important to know: There’s not a lot of difference between the heating and air units that are produced among the different brands of an organization.

The price tag is the main difference.

Normally, the “parent” HVAC brand will be priced higher than the other “child” brands in that same organization. For example, Carrier air conditioners are going to cost more than Bryant air conditioners. Carrier is the more well-known brand name and has the more extensive reputation. Therefore, this brand is going to be advertised more. But, Bryant is made by the same company and is practically identical when it comes to parts and accessories.

Goodman, on the other hand, is actually the cheaper brand between Goodman and Amana. Goodman makes Amana, which is their higher-priced brand. But, in most cases, the parent brand is the more expensive HVAC brand and the child brands are the cheaper, more affordable options.

Which HVAC Brand Should You Choose?

When it comes to choosing the best HVAC brands, we personally recommend going with the more affordable options. In most cases, this is the best choice when considering what you get for your money. As stated earlier, most of the bigger, well-known names are going to cost quite a bit more than their cheaper brand options. Since the quality and performance is practically identical between the parent and child brands, we recommend the more affordable brand to get the most bang for your buck.

To be more specific, we really like Bryant and Goodman. Carrier is very well-known and their heating and air units have a great reputation. Their name speaks for itself. Well, the Bryant brand is Carrier’s more affordable option. You get both quality and value.

Goodman is another solid option. Goodman units are probably the best-priced units on the market today. Their quality and reliability matched with their unmatched price tag is hard to beat. They also have some of the best warranties available.

York units are also well-priced and they are worthy of consideration as well.

It will benefit you to do your own research and to find the brand that you feel the most comfortable with. Check out reviews and other people’s opinions as well. Don’t rush into anything.

One More Thing to Consider

This might be more important than the HVAC brand itself. In most cases, the HVAC unit will be purchased through a local HVAC contractor who will deliver and install the unit. It’s wise to do your research and compare the contractors in your area. Be sure to compare the prices between each of the different contractors that you are considering. How? They should be willing to come out and give you a free estimate. We also recommend that they are NATE certified. The key is that you don’t want to be paying too much, but you also want a quality system with a quality installer.

At Cagle Service Heating and Air, we offer both quality systems and quality HVAC installation and maintenance services. We install all major brands and models. If you live in or around the Jackson TN area, feel free to give us a call at 731-300-1030. We would love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “HVAC Brands – Which to Choose?”

  1. Size matters, just had a new furnace installed. it issmaller then the previous furnace as I was told for my house size I didn’t need one that big. but go to find out it also has a smaller blower motor so the force of the air is minimal minimal compared to the force of the air with my over-sized furnace for this house. I’m not happy with a smaller blower motor. It does not have the power to push the hot air around the house the way that large blower motor did. If you are not standing right in front of the vent ,you will feel cold air around you. Don’t get a small blower motor. Ps my new furnace is 96 % energy efficient but i have to set the temp 2-3 degrees higher to get the chill out and its early spring. 46-50 degress out side. Thermastat set at 73-74 , i dont think this is effecient. God help me in the winter

    1. Wayne thanks for sharing. It might take a little time to get used to the more efficient system and blower motor since you have been accustomed to the intense heat of the oversized unit that you had before.

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