A common problem many people have is finding their air conditioner not shutting off at all.

It seems to be running constantly all day long.

If you are having this problem, there a number of possible reasons for this issue.

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Possible Causes: AC Not Shutting Off

Under-sized AC Unit

The most obvious possible cause is having an AC unit that is too small for the space that is being cooled. If the AC unit is under-sized, it will constantly be running in the attempt to cool the area to the desired temperature. Thus, it will never shut off. It’s constantly running to complete a task that it cannot complete. Having the correct size AC unit is critical for it to run efficiently, as it’s designed to do.

If you need to upgrade or replace your current air conditioning unit, we supply and install most premier brands.

Faulty Thermostat

Another possible cause is the thermostat. If the thermostat is not working correctly, it will never trigger the air conditioning unit to turn off. Therefore, the unit will continue to run constantly since it is not receiving the trigger or signal from the thermostat to shutoff.

Other Possibilities

There are a number of other possible causes that can keep your AC running constantly. From dirty condenser coils, to a faulty thermistor, to other electrical related issues.

NOTEMany of these problems can be prevented and/or spotted before they start to hinder the operation of your AC. Regular preventative maintenance and servicing is always recommended to keep your unit running as it should.

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