Is your air conditioner turning on and running for a short time period and then shutting off?

If your air conditioner turns on and off in short cycles, then there is something wrong.

This is a pretty common complaint among people, so we are going to spend a little time on this one.

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What’s The Issue?

In all honestly, there are a number of possible causes for this particular problem. Some are simple and easy to fix, while others can cause serious damage to parts of the AC unit.

We we will go over some of these possible causes here:

Dirty Air Filter

This is one of the more common causes. A dirty air filter that is clogged with dirt and debris will prevent air from passing through it correctly. Thus, the evaporator coils can freeze up and cause your air conditioner to shut off before it should. Further damage can also occur to other parts of the AC unit if the issue is not resolved quickly.

Over-sized AC Unit

If your AC unit is over-sized for the area that is being cooled, then it will turn on, cool the area quickly, and shut off quickly. It’s important to have the correct size AC unit according to the area that is being cooled.

An over-sized unit ends up turning on and off much more than it needs to, and can wear the unit down at a quicker pace. This can result in higher repair costs, energy bills, and ultimately needing a new unit sooner than normal.

Thermostat Location

If your indoor thermostat is near an air vent, then cool air could possibly be blowing on the thermostat. This will cause the thermostat to shut off the air conditioner quickly, before the whole area is actually cooled. Remember, the thermostat responds to the temperature that is coming in contact with it, which might not be the temperature of the entire room or area.

Other Possibilities

There are other possible problems that can cause your air conditioner to turn on and off repeatedly. Most of them are related to specific parts being dirty or possibly clogged/obstructed. This will prevent the parts from operating correctly, thus causing a premature shutting-off of the system.

For this reason, it’s very important to have regular maintenance, cleaning and servicing performed on your air conditioning unit. A trained professional can perform these tasks while also inspecting everything to ensure that the unit is running correctly and efficiently.

Need Assistance?

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