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Electrician Services in Jackson TN

Our electrician team is trained and equipped to give you the quality service that you need with the care and satisfaction that you deserve. We perform electrician services in the Jackson TN area along with the surrounding areas. These services include renovations, electrical repairs of all kinds, and electrical troubleshooting and diagnosis. If it concerns your electrical system, we cover it! Residential? Commercial? We do it all!

Electrical Repairs

When it comes to electrical repairs for your home or commercial business, it’s important to fix the problem correctly. Faulty electrical systems can be hazardous and can cause major issues if not repaired. A minor issue can turn into a major one down the line. We at Cagle Service want to be the team to step in and repair whatever fault or malfunction your system has. From circuitry and wiring problems to lighting, outlets and all other electrical related issues. We specialize in professional service and repair of your electrical system.

Faulty Wiring

Our team is trained and experienced in pin-pointing and repairing faulty wiring and malfunctioning circuity. At times, it can be a challenging task for the average person to diagnose an electrical problem. Many times there isn’t an obvious cause, initially. It can require in-depth troubleshooting in order to find the root cause of the problem so that it can be properly repaired. That’s what we are here for! From the circuit breaker box to the wiring that flows from it, we can diagnose and repair any electrical issue that may arise.


When your lights aren’t working as they should, it can really be a nuisance. It can really put a damper on the mood of a room or even the display of your outdoor lighting system. In most cases, it’s usually just a faulty or worn out light bulb that causes the problem. But, sometimes the problem lies much deeper than that. Our electrician team can come out and diagnose and repair any lighting issue that you might have. We perform electrical repairs on all lighting systems: Indoor lighting, recessed lighting, accent lighting, outdoor and landscape lighting, and security lighting.

Electrical Outlets and Switches

Is your wall outlet no longer delivering electrical power? Or is only one plug delivering power? Do you have an electrical switch that is not working correctly? These are common problems in residential households and commercial businesses. The causes can vary. Many times the electrical unit (switch or outlet) itself has worn out and needs to be replaced. There are also cases when the wiring leading up to that electrical unit is faulty and in need of repair. Whatever the case may be, our electrician team can troubleshoot the problem and effectively repair the problem. You can be assured that our repairs are done professionally and correctly.

What Our Customers Say

Elise C..
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"Changed out my dryer plug fast and arrived at time they said they would arrive."
Angela C.
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"Cagle Electric has the best customer service. From the first phone call to after job was completed, every individual spoken to was considerate of what “I” as the customer needed. I would recommend Cagle Electric to anyone who is in need of electrical or heating/air work to be done. I feel a personal relationship has been created and will never hesitate to call Cagle Electric in the future."
Debbie R.
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"They replaced our office lights with the new LED lights and they are beautiful!"

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At Cagle Service, we are here for you. If you would like more information concerning a repair you might need or any sort of electrical renovation project, simply give us a call or schedule services online below. Whether you are located in Jackson or the surrounding area, we look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to serve you. We want our clients completely satisfied with their experience. Your satisfaction is our goal!

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