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Generac Generator Maintenance

Generac Generator Maintenance in Jackson, TN

Generac generator maintenance is important to ensure your generator isn’t experiencing any hidden problems and that it operates as it should when its called upon. The last thing anyone wants is for their whole house generator to fail to perform when its needed during a power outage.

We perform an extensive annual maintenance service for Generac generators located in the Jackson TN and surrounding areas. Give us a call today at 731-300-1030 if you’d like to inquire more about our maintenance service!

generac generator maintenance in jackson tn

What's Included in Our Generac Generator Maintenance?

Our in-depth maintenance service includes everything from changing the oil and oil filter to running checks on the fuel pressure and voltage output. The full list of tasks included in our maintenance service are as follows:

  • Change oil & oil filter
  • Check air filter
  • Check battery charge & note the age of battery
  • Check fluid
  • Check cables & terminals
  • Check engine corrosion protectant
  • Start up and check for noise, vibration & temperature
  • Run checks: fuel pressure, hertz & voltage output
  • Full cycle run: run, transfer & cool down
  • Light exterior cleaning of unit
  • Remove excessive debris

Generac Generator Maintenance Cost

The pricing below includes one annual visit and includes all of the services listed above. Our Cagle Club VIP members get a discounted rate of $269 per annual visit.

Cagle Club VIP Members

$269 Annual Visit

Non-Cagle Club VIP Members

$319 Annual Visit

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