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Indoor Air Quality

The quality of our indoor air that we breathe and live in is often a forgotten topic. More focus is placed on the outdoor air and it’s pollution levels. At Cagle Service we understand the importance of having clean, fresh air circulating through our homes or businesses. That’s why we offer solutions and products to improve the quality of your indoor air environment.

Indoor Air Quality Products and Solutions

white high efficiency air filter with gray casing used to improve indoor air quality

Air Filters

The most important element of indoor air quality is the air filter. The air that comes from your HVAC system’s blower passes through the air filter prior to entering your home or business. Having a sufficient quality air filter and changing it regularly is vital to the quality of your indoor air. There varying efficiencies when it comes to air filters and also varying specializations such as filters made specifically for allergens, VOCs, viruses and more.

bryant air purifier with white filter and gray casing that improves indoor air quality

Air Purifiers & Cleaners

Air purifiers, or air cleaners, add more cleaning ability to your heating and air system’s filtering system. Compared to a standard filtering setup, air purifiers significantly improve the trapping and removal of particles and pollutants such as allergens, pet dander, smoke and even viruses. Air purifiers are compatible with most heating and air system’s and can usually be added quite easily.


With high outside temperatures coupled with high humidity, the humidity indoors can become an issue. Humidity can make it “feel” hotter than it really is. High indoor humidity can also increase the possibility of mold and other pollutants. A dehumidifier combats this by removing humidity from the indoor environment.

cor tan hvac uv lights with green letters for cleaning air ducts

HVAC UV Lights

HVAC UV lights are great tools for fighting against mold and other bacteria in your heating and air system. Placed in strategic locations, these UV lights kill anything that they shine their UV rays on. This prevents mold, bacteria, VOCs and other pollutants from entering your indoor air.

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