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Storage Tank Water Heaters

With years of tradition and standardization under it’s belt, the conventional storage tank water heater is a feature in most homes and businesses. With it’s simplistic design and operation, these water heaters have been a consistent staple in American culture for decades. They can store up to 80 gallons of hot water that is ready for use.

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Find out more about conventional water heaters below – such as how they work, some of their benefits, and even some pricing information.

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How They Work

Storage tank water heaters have a very simple design and operation. These types of water heaters use either gas or electricity to heat the water.

Let’s get into the actual operation process:

Cold water enters the bottom of the tank through the water supply line. The water that is now being stored in the tank is heated by either a gas flame under the tank or electric heating elements within the tank. When hot water is needed, the hot water travels out of the tank through the top via the hot water line. This hot water line supplies hot water to the rest of the corresponding hot water lines that run throughout the home or business. These lines supply the hot water to the sinks, showers, washers and any other appliance that uses hot water. As hot water is used up, the hot water tank is refilled with cold water from the water supply line that is then heated, stored and ready for deployment.

Pretty simple right?

Electric vs Gas

As mentioned earlier, these water heaters are available as gas or electric versions. Electric storage tank water heaters are typically less expensive than their gas counterparts. But, gas storage tank water heaters usually cost less to operate, so rather than upfront savings, the savings would add up over time.

As far as efficiency goes, both gas and electric units are available as standard and high efficiency (HE) models. The more efficient a unit is, the more water is heated using the least amount of energy or fuel possible. Higher efficiency models will cost more upfront, but they will pay themselves off and actually equate to savings in the long tun. For example, a water heater that includes a powered damper or flue damper will usually cost more than a standard version. This is because of the added benefits of the damper. The damper helps retain heat inside the tank which increases efficiency.

As far as the most efficient, the electric versions out-perform the rest when it comes to efficiency. These are known as heat pump and hybrid heat pump units. Heat pump units simply use the external warm air and draws it in to heat the water. This process saves a lot of energy which translates to money saved. The only drawback is that these water heaters only operate at their best in warmer climates. They also are some of the more expensive tank-type water heaters out there.

If you are really looking for efficiency, also consider tankless water heaters. They can be up to 24-34% more efficient than standard tank water heaters.

Storage Tank Water Heater Prices

When it comes to a new water heater, price is usually a factor for most of us. Depending on the brand and model, the price can fluctuate quite a bit. Standard units are going to be cheaper than high-efficiency water heaters, for obvious reasons.

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