heat pump located outside next to a house

What Temperature Range Are Heat Pumps Effective?

So, for cooler temperatures, I’d say around 50 – 65 degrees F is what I would call the sweet spot for a heat pump. In this range heat pumps are very efficient and effective. They are still effective in the 40’s and even down into the 30’s. But, as I stated earlier, once the temperature outside drops below 32 degrees F, you will probably notice a significant drop in the heating ability of a heat pump.

two men outside talking over the costs of a new hvac system

How Much Does a New HVAC System Cost?

According to a couple of sources, the national average cost for a new HVAC system ranges from $4800-$9850, including installation. But, that doesn’t include new ductwork. If it’s a new construction project with a completely brand new HVAC system, the national average is around $6800-$12000. This includes ductwork and everything needed for a new system where one has never existed before.

gray gas furnace installed in garage

Gas Furnace vs Electric – Pros & Cons

When it comes to the gas furnace vs electric furnace debate, there are supporters on both sides. But is there a clear cut better choice? To answer that I would say that the majority of people, and experts, would say that gas furnaces are the better choice. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the …

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young happy couple smiling at their reduced heating bill

How to Reduce Heating Costs – 4 Tips

At Cagle Service, we spend a lot of time sharing helpful information on how to save energy when it comes to our heating and air systems. We do this for a good reason. For most of us, our heating and air conditioning expenses make up the largest portion of our utility bills. So why not …

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picture of a house on a blackboard showing how much a high efficiency furnace can save

How Much Can a High Efficiency Furnace Save?

The main reason that people consider a high efficiency furnace is savings. Savings on our energy bill typically translates to savings in our bank account. Who doesn’t want that? I know I do! But how much savings can be expected by switching to a high efficiency furnace? A savings of at least 10% can be …

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gray monkey pondering if he should buy a 80% or 95% efficiency furnace

Should I Buy an 80% or 95% Efficiency Furnace?

At first glance most of us think that a furnace with a 95% efficiency rating (AFUE) is going to be a better option than a furnace that is 80% efficient. After all, that’s a 15% increase in efficiency! Well, there is truth to that, but let’s observe some other factors and elements that need to be considered before pulling the trigger on that high-efficiency furnace.

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