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home ac compressor is bad

How to Tell if Home AC Compressor is Bad


Nobody wants to have to face a bad home ac compressor, but it does happen. In this post I’m going to share some signs and symptoms of a bad ac compressor along with some maintenance tips to help prevent the ac compressor from going bad. Replacing an ac compressor is one of the most expensive ac repair jobs out there, so properly maintaining this component is important. If the ac compressor is indeed bad, you will want to decide if you should replace the ac compressor or the whole unit.

First off, let’s get into some of the signs to tell if your home ac compressor is bad.

Symptom #1: Air Conditioner Keeps Tripping the Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner keeps tripping the circuit breaker, then it might be due to the compressor. When compressors get old and start to go bad they can have a hard time starting. This can result in the compressor drawing more electricity than the circuit breaker limit and it “trips” as a safety precaution. If this is happening consistently do not keep resetting the circuit breaker. Simply contact a HVAC technician to come out and assess the problem.

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replace ac compressor

Replace AC Compressor or Whole Unit?


Replacing an ac compressor can be fairly expensive. It’s one of the most expensive repairs in the air conditioning world. That’s why the Replace AC Compressor or the Whole Unit debate is such a common question. Sometimes, replacing the whole ac unit is the better option.

Think about it.

Let’s say that you have a big car repair that has to get done for the car to operate properly. A transmission for example. Let’s say that repair is going to cost $1,500 – $2,000. The car is old, has high miles, and is only worth around $3,000 – $4,000 (with a working transmission). Would it be wise to consider buying a newer car, with lower miles and the less likely chance to have any major repairs spring up? I think most people would say yes.

But, what if it’s a newer car that is still under warranty? Then the likely response would be to use the warranty to have the repair performed.

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how often to replace ac filter

How Often to Replace Your AC Filter


Welcome to another informative article concerning your heating and air conditioning system! In this post we are going to cover how often you should replace your ac filter. Why?

Because it’s critical to the performance and lifespan of your ac unit.

For many, this is often an overlooked practice of maintenance concerning their heating and air system. It’s like neglecting proper maintenance of a vehicle: if the oil and oil filter aren’t changed out, bad things can happen.

Why is Replacing the AC Filter So Important?

The air filter’s main job is to keep out dirt, debris, and other nuisances from entering the home or business. Over a period of time, the filter can become full of dirt and other particles than can cause air flow that is trying to pass through the filter to be hindered or blocked.

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ac replacement cost

Furnace and AC Replacement Cost


Everyone wants to know how much a furnace and AC replacement cost is. It’s one of the most searched and sought after topics in the HVAC world. In this post I am going to share with you some real numbers and prices that can be expected when replacing a furnace and air conditioner. Let’s get going!

Why “Furnace AND AC Replacement Cost”?

First off, let me share the reason that I titled this post Furnace and AC Replacement Cost. In most cases, when someone replaces one section of their heating and air system, they usually replace the other section as well. What do I mean exactly? When the air conditioner is replaced in a heating and air system, the heating section of the system is usually replaced as well.

Why is this?

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heat pump vs furnace

Heat Pump vs Furnace – Which is Better?


There are 2 main heating systems that are used for residential and commercial applications. In the blue corner we have heat pumps and in the red corner we have furnaces. But which one is the better choice? Each system has pros and cons and that’s why I’ve titled this post Heat Pump vs Furnace.

Around here in the Jackson TN area, both heat pumps and furnaces are pretty common. Let’s get into the pros and cons of each and the differences that set them apart from each other.

The Source of the Heating System

The first attribute to be identified is the source of the heating system. A heat pump and an electric furnace produce their heat via electricity. They are completely electric. A gas or oil furnace, on the other hand, produces it’s heat via a fuel or gas source such as propane, natural gas or oil. So, when it comes to the heat pump vs furnace debate, the source that you prefer for your heating system is going to make a difference.

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hvac brands

HVAC Brands – Which to Choose?


With all of the different HVAC brands out there, how do you know which one to choose? When you are looking for a new heating and air conditioning system, which brand should you go with?

These are common questions that homeowners and business owners ponder when it comes time to find a replacement unit for their heating and/or air conditioning system. You’ve probably heard of the bigger names out there such as Trane, Carrier, Lennox and York. But, there are other brands out there such as Bryant, Goodman, Rheem, American Standard, Coleman and many others that are not normally in the conversation concerning the top HVAC brands.

So, what are the differences between all of these HVAC brands? Actually, not a whole lot…

HVAC Brands Comparison

Believe it or not, many of the HVAC brands out there are made by the same parent company. Below I’ve listed most of the bigger brand names and their fellow “child” brands.

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Does turning down the thermostat save money?


You’ve probably heard the question before: “Does turning down the thermostat save money?” And, you’ve probably heard both sides of the argument. Some will say that this method does in fact save money on your energy bill. Others will say that this method does not save money but actually causes the furnace to run even more!

Well, which opinion is correct? Does turning down the thermostat save money?

Turning Down the Thermostat Does Save Money

….if done properly. That’s the key! There are certain requirements that make lowering the thermostat an effective option for saving money. Oh yeah, just some FYI: Lowering the temperature for set periods of time is referred to as a “setback”.

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cheap ac unit

Looking for a Reliable Cheap AC Unit?


When it comes to purchasing a new ac unit, the cost can be a hurdle for some of us. But, be encouraged! I am going to share some good news with you that you might not have known before. There are cheap ac unit options out there for those of us looking for the most economical deal!

Now, just to be clear, in this post I’m not referring to a window ac unit or an indoor portable air conditioner. I will tackle that in another post, but those are definitely options for those who want to go that route. In this post I’m mainly focusing on conventional ac units that would normally be located outside of your home or business (as pictured above).

Let’s get going!

A Cheap AC Unit is Not a Bad Thing

First of all, I want to point out that a cheap ac unit is not a negative thing. Usually when we use the word “cheap” when referring to a product or appliance, we are referring to the quality of the product and it’s parts. In this post “cheap” is simply referring to the price tag.

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buy new furnace

Replace Heat Exchanger or Buy New Furnace?


Should you repair your furnace or would it be a better option to buy a new furnace? This is a very common question when it comes to our furnace systems for our home or business. Normally, furnace repair is the more logical and feasible option, but there are exceptions. One of those exceptions is when the heat exchanger has gone bad and needs to be replaced. 

If you are in the troubleshooting stages of determining if your heat exchanger is bad or cracked, check out this post: Cracked heat exchanger: symptoms and causes

Replacing the Heat Exchanger

The problem with replacing a heat exchanger in a furnace is that it isn’t a simple furnace repair job. It can take anywhere from 5-8 hours to perform the job and cost over $2000 to complete the job. Replacing a heat exchanger is probably the most difficult and labor-intensive repair job to perform on a furnace. This is why considering buying a new furnace is recommended and not limiting yourself only to replacing the heat exchanger. 

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high efficiency furnace

High Efficiency Furnace: Is it the best option?


Today, “high efficiency” is a common term used to describe appliances and products, such as a high efficiency furnace, that are much more efficient than those of the past and help keep more money in your wallet. And this is absolutely true…in most cases. But, sometimes the high efficiency option might not be what’s best for you and your specific situation. How so?

I’m glad you asked because I’m going to explain it in this post!

What exactly is a High Efficiency Furnace?

In today’s standards, a high efficiency furnace is a furnace that has an AFUE rating of 90% or more. You are probably wondering what the AFUE rating actually means. Let me explain: AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The AFUE rating simply refers to the amount of produced heat that is actually used to heat the targeted area(s). For example, let’s say you wanted a high efficiency gas furnace with an AFUE rating of 90%. This would mean that 90% of the heat that is produced during the heating process is used to heat your home or business. The other 10% is lost during the process.

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