couple outside with hvac tech after replacing ac unit

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Your AC Unit?

When it comes to the national average, there are a few different numbers. According to 3 different sources, the national average to replace an ac unit is between $4,600 and $5,700. Please understand that this does not mean this is what you will pay. Why? Well, this average price is not factoring in the brand of the unit, the model or product line, the size of the unit, or the extent of the labor involved with installing the unit. All of these factors can affect the price dramatically.

hvac technician setting up maintenance agreement with man outside of house

What is an HVAC Maintenance Agreement?

An HVAC maintenance agreement is similar to any other maintenance agreement. It includes a list of maintenance services that the HVAC company will perform within the specified time period. These agreements are also referred to as maintenance contracts or maintenance plans. These maintenance agreements are typically made between an HVAC company and homeowners or businesses. …

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man performing preventive maintenance on a furnace in a home

What is Preventive Maintenance Exactly?

The whole point of preventive maintenance is to prevent problems and malfunctions from occurring with the particular item, asset or piece of equipment. Preventive maintenance is a very necessary requirement if we want to get the most out of the item and our investment. A lack of preventive maintenance will likely result in high repair costs, reduced longevity, lack in performance, and can ultimately result in complete breakdown or failure.

heat pump located outside next to a house

What Temperature Range Are Heat Pumps Effective?

So, for cooler temperatures, I’d say around 50 – 65 degrees F is what I would call the sweet spot for a heat pump. In this range heat pumps are very efficient and effective. They are still effective in the 40’s and even down into the 30’s. But, as I stated earlier, once the temperature outside drops below 32 degrees F, you will probably notice a significant drop in the heating ability of a heat pump.

two men outside talking over the costs of a new hvac system

How Much Does a New HVAC System Cost?

According to a couple of sources, the national average cost for a new HVAC system ranges from $4800-$9850, including installation. But, that doesn’t include new ductwork. If it’s a new construction project with a completely brand new HVAC system, the national average is around $6800-$12000. This includes ductwork and everything needed for a new system where one has never existed before.

gray gas furnace installed in garage

Gas Furnace vs Electric – Pros & Cons

When it comes to the gas furnace vs electric furnace debate, there are supporters on both sides. But is there a clear cut better choice? To answer that I would say that the majority of people, and experts, would say that gas furnaces are the better choice. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the …

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young happy couple smiling at their reduced heating bill

How to Reduce Heating Costs – 4 Tips

At Cagle Service, we spend a lot of time sharing helpful information on how to save energy when it comes to our heating and air systems. We do this for a good reason. For most of us, our heating and air conditioning expenses make up the largest portion of our utility bills. So why not …

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picture of a house on a blackboard showing how much a high efficiency furnace can save

How Much Can a High Efficiency Furnace Save?

The main reason that people consider a high efficiency furnace is savings. Savings on our energy bill typically translates to savings in our bank account. Who doesn’t want that? I know I do! But how much savings can be expected by switching to a high efficiency furnace? A savings of at least 10% can be …

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gray monkey pondering if he should buy a 80% or 95% efficiency furnace

Should I Buy an 80% or 95% Efficiency Furnace?

At first glance most of us think that a furnace with a 95% efficiency rating (AFUE) is going to be a better option than a furnace that is 80% efficient. After all, that’s a 15% increase in efficiency! Well, there is truth to that, but let’s observe some other factors and elements that need to be considered before pulling the trigger on that high-efficiency furnace.

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