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Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

At Cagle Service Heating and Air, we understand the importance of having a HVAC system that provides adequate cooling and heating for all four seasons of the year. While standard heat pumps can provide adequate cooling in the hottest months of Summer here in Tennessee, they can sometimes struggle to provide adequate heating when the outside temperature drops below freezing. And that’s where dual fuel heat pumps come in! Dual fuel heat pumps incorporate a furnace that kicks on when needed to ensure your HVAC system is able to provide adequate and efficient heat no matter how cold it gets outside.

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dual fuel heat pump

What is a Dual Fuel Heat Pump?

A standard heat pump provides cool air in the warmer months (i.e. air conditioner) and provides heat in the cooler months. These HVAC systems are super convenient because they provide both heating and cooling all from one single unit. But, in some climates, a standard heat pump can struggle to provide adequate and efficient heat when the temperature drops below freezing. This is due to the fact that the outside air, when it’s below freezing, contains very little heat. So, when a heat pump tries to pull in warm air from the outside air to transform it into heat, it can really struggle to get what it needs to produce that heat. In most cases, standard heat pumps will need some sort of auxiliary heat source to help it produce heat under extremely cold conditions. These auxiliary heat sources usually come in the form of electric heat strips or a furnace which produce their own heat and don’t use the limited outside air as its source.

A dual fuel heat pump is essentially a heat pump with an auxiliary heat source (furnace) that kicks on when the heat pump itself can’t provide adequate heat in an efficient manner. A dual fuel heat pump will provide heat by exclusively using its standard electric source for as long as it can sustain it efficiently. Once the temperature outside drops to a certain temperature, let’s say 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit, the auxiliary furnace will kick on and take over the heating process. This ensures that your HVAC system is always providing adequate heat in its most efficient mode.

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