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Furnace and AC Replacement Cost

Everyone wants to know how much a furnace and AC replacement cost is. It’s one of the most searched and sought after topics in the HVAC world. In this post I am going to share with you some real numbers and prices that can be expected when replacing a furnace and air conditioner. Let’s get going!

Why “Furnace AND AC Replacement Cost”?

First off, let me share the reason that I titled this post Furnace and AC Replacement Cost. In most cases, when someone replaces one section of their heating and air system, they usually replace the other section as well. What do I mean exactly? When the air conditioner is replaced in a heating and air system, the heating section of the system is usually replaced as well.

Why is this?

Well, typically the heating and cooling sections of the system were installed at the same time. So, if one of the sections begins to fail, then it’s likely that the other section of the system will begin to fail at some point as well. This is because the failing of a system is usually a result of age and time. If an air conditioner begins to fail and malfunction at around the 10 year mark, the furnace, for example, probably isn’t too far behind. Although some furnaces have been known to last up to 20 years, it’s the exception rather than the rule.

One thing to note though: If the heating or cooling section of the system is beginning to fail and have major problems and it’s still under warranty (0-10 years), consider using the system’s warranty which is usually 10 years. If you aren’t able to use the warranty for whatever reason, it’d probably be best to replace only the failing section of the system rather than both sections if the system is 5 years old or under.

Furnace and AC Replacement Cost: The Numbers

Let’s get into what you all have been waiting for. Some actual numbers!

ac replacement cost

Please be aware that the numbers I am sharing here are our price estimates. At Cagle Service we pride ourselves on offering our customers fair and reasonable prices when it comes to replacing heating and air conditioning units. Below is the average cost to replace a furnace and ac unit together. For separate units (just an air conditioner or a heating system), please contact us.

Price estimate includes heating and air unit purchase, delivery and installation:

2 Ton Packaged Unit – Starting Price Range – $3701 – $4001

3 Ton Packaged Unit – Starting Price Range – $3999 – $4299

4 Ton Packaged Unit – Starting Price Range – $4767 – $5067

2 Ton Split Unit – Starting Price Range – $4515 – $4815

3 Ton Split Unit – Starting Price Range – $4986 – $5286

4 Ton Split Unit – Starting Price Range – $5679 – $5979

Now many of you are probably wondering what the difference between a packaged unit and a split unit is. Very simply, a packaged unit houses all of the components of both the heating and cooling system all in one unit. A split unit, on the other hand, contains both the heating and cooling elements of the system but they are separate from each other. Usually the AC compressor and condenser is located outside, while the evaporator coil/air handler and furnace are located inside the home or business. Feel free to check out these two articles for more information on both:

“What Exactly is a Split Unit?”

“Packaged Units”

Furnace and AC Replacement Cost: The Variables

Before I wrap this up, I want to mention one more thing. There are variables that come into play when it comes to the cost to replace a furnace and ac unit.

The Brand

The first variable is the brand of the system. Some brands are more (in some cases a lot more!) expensive than others. So, that is going to dictate the overall cost.

In our cost to replace a furnace and air conditioner estimates provided above, we referenced Goodman units (the cheaper starting price) and Bryant units. Those are the 2 main brands that we recommend, so those are the brands we used for our estimates. If we were referencing Carrier or Trane units, the estimates would be much higher, respectively.

Oh, and just a little secret: Carrier makes Bryant.

Find out more about the different HVAC brands and their surprising similarities.

The Installing HVAC Company

The second variable I want to touch on is the company who will be delivering and installing the new heating and air unit. Different companies charge different rates for their labor and services. This is why you will find a variety of prices when getting estimates from different companies for replacing your system.

I really hope this has given you some valuable information concerning furnace and AC replacement costs and an idea of what can be expected. If you live in the Jackson TN or surrounding areas, feel free to contact us at 731-300-1030 for more information or a free estimate.

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